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Alfred Shaheen was the most prolific Hawaiian manufacturer of his time post-WWII fashion. Shaheen propelled Hawaii's vital garment manufacturing industry by moving past the limits imposed by the remoteness of the Hawaiian Islands. During pre-statehood Hawaii, a critical time in Hawaii's economic development, Shaheen built the most expansive textile printing, garment manufacturing, and retail company Hawaii would ever see. Shaheen accomplished this accomplishment through his vision, inventiveness, engineering brilliance, and unreserved commitment to authenticity and excellence. In recognition of his contributions to the State of Hawaii, in July of 2001, Alfred Shaheen was presented with Hawaii's Lifetime Achievement Award. In July of 2006, Hawaii's premier newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser, included Shaheen among the 150 most influential people, events, and institutions to impact social, economic, political, and cultural changes in Hawaii from 1856 to the present.


To this day Shaheen is an iconic representation of Hawaiian aesthetic.  In 2011 the Shaheen family worked with Duralee to manufacture a fabric line under their brand Suburban Home.  The fabric is either original designer of Alfred Shaheen or inspirations that were approved by the family. Alfred Shaheen’s graphic prints with colors pulled from the petals of the hibiscus flower and the waves of Waikiki--elevated the status of the often-quirky “Aloha” shirt from kitsch to high fashion.  Embodying the spirit of the Hawaiian culture, tropical leaves, bamboo stripes and whimsical fish have danced across Shaheen’s apparel with universal appeal.


Azul & Company is proud to represent them in our furniture store and as a part of our fabric selection that you can find in Miami, FL.  His fabric collections are perfect for that tropical vibe you need in South Florida.  Interior designer love the fun and retro aesthetic Shaheen’s designs create and it’s a fun way to bring the outdoor in.


Alfred Shaheen Collections


-Surf and Sand Collection


-Copacabana Designs


-Abbey Road Designs


-Big Sur Designs


Following the successful SURF AND SAND COLLECTION of outdoor/indoor fabrics featuring patterns from Shaheen’s design archive, Suburban Home is pleased to introduce the ALFRED SHAHEEN COLLECTION, a 3-book set of indoor fabrics inspired by Shaheen.  Each of the three books, aptly named Big Sur Designs, Copacabana Designs and Abbey Road Designs, captures the feel of exotic locales and free-spirited philosophies with an array of coordinating prints and wovens.


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