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When you peruse the design collections offered by Ashford House Wallpaper, they might feel a bit familiar.  That's because Ashford House Wallpaper designs are among the most loved and most enduring designs ever created.  The Ashford House collections brings you exquisite nature themes like branches, scrolls, and flowers galore, in colors ranging from subdued to bold and expressive. The Silhouettes collection offers abstract patterns such as paisley, scroll, lattice, and vines in colors as bright or subtle as you'd like.  Ashford House Wallpaper provides sophistication at affordable prices.




Ashford Geometrics – Circles & diamonds & Squares. Oh, My! Familiar shapes combine with artistic styling to create elegant, unpretentious designs. Honest. Neat. Precise. The effortless geometric.


Ashford Stripes - Striped wallcoverings brings a level of sophistication that few other patterns can reach. It’s an ageless classic design that never goes out of style. Ashford Stripes is a popular collection from the York’s Ashford House Design Studio that features refined, neat and versatile stripe prints in many different vibrant color combinations.


Black & White - A compilation of black & white patterns from all of Ashford House's other wallpaper collections. This book contains a vast selection of classic and casually chic designs, solely printed in black and white color combinations.


Blooms - Glistening water droplets, reflecting the light of early morning sunshine, gleaming and dancing on bright floral petals, giving luminous beauty to Mother Nature’s most colorful creation – the garden Bloom.


Botanical Fantasy - This lively collection is inspired by the essence of Spring. The patterns are drawn from the feeling of misty fields after a light rain shower in the morning, baskets of fresh produce, clothes drying on the hook that smell of lavender and fresh colors blooming after a long winter. Botanical Fantasy brings you a bright floral masterpiece that we has not been seen for quite some time. Bask in its glow and be charmed by designs such as Open Floral, Branch Toss, Floral Texture, Magnolia Silhouette, Trellis Sidewall and Butterflies.


Gentle Manor - Quiet and peaceful living has never been more classier. Gentle Manor features traditional designs that bring a touch of calmness, a dash of graciousness and a dose classical beauty to interior design.


Silhouettes - Silhouettes are a unique collection from Ashford House that brings you entertaining shapes on vibrant colorful backgrounds. When the book was in production, the original goal of the design team was simple: combine modern sophistication with natural patterns found in nature. This unique concept fuels the designs within the collection, including the Vertical Half Squiggles, Starbursts, Scenic Vines, Cherry Blossoms and the Lacey Circle Geos.


Azul & Company has been offering Ashford House wallpapers for 4 years now and the they have something for every type of person. Even though they mainly move within the more transitional types of décor they offer something that will even attract the most contemporary person.


Azul & Company’s furniture store has showcases wallpapers from this traditional to transitional wallcovering collection. Please visit our furniture store in Miami, FL located at 8349 NW 36 ST, Doral, FL 33166 or email one of our interior design consultants today.

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