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Astek Inc. is a leader in both the wallcovering and custom digital printing industries.  Astek works with clients worldwide to meet their design, digital printing, wallcovering and signage needs. Our clientele spans a variety of industries including hospitality, architecture, interior design, fashion retail, motion picture and television. In such a competitive and diverse marketplace, we attribute our success to our dedication to innovative design, commitment to quality, and excellence in service.


Azul & Company furniture store offers a variety of wallpapers that has been a great source of inspiration and we were so glad when we paired up with them. Our furniture store has a lot to offer but when we started offering Astek’s wallpapers it became even better. The interior designers loved the natural wallcoverings and the prints that are so wild. Since South Florida has such demanding clientle we know that Miami, FL market loves this line.


Astek offers a wide range of wallpapers from naturals to the most outlandish of creations. Things that excite the imagination and make you want to see and touch the beautiful wallcoverings.  Astek has continually shown an amazingly great sense of what is to come in the world of wallpapers and has produced magnificent pieces for discerning clients.


Azul & Company invites you to join us in our showroom in Miami, FL at 8349 NW 36 ST, Doral, FL 33166 or call us 305-859-7534 and speak with one of our talented interior designers.

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