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Creation Baumann’s work is never fully accomplished—creating textile inspirations means to continually evolve. At our design studio in Langenthal, Switzerland, we compose and develop products that impress our customers with their visual quality, functionality, and hence they’re added value. In doing so, Creation Baumann leverage many years of experience, recognize fashion trends right from the start, and, if possible, make your wishes come true.


Creation Baumann's passion lies with developing new fabrics. This is why creation is up to the boss—and ours is the fourth generation. Under the direction of Philippe Baumann, Creation Baumann product management and design team launches more than 50 creations per year. What guide Creation Baumann are imagination, stylistic confidence, expertise, and a keen sense for evolving processes. Azul & Company furniture store in Miami, FL has seen this expertise in the quality and craftsmanship of the luxury fabrics you produce.


It all starts with inspiration. Creation Baumann can find it in many different places—nature, fashion, and architecture. The resources from where Creation Baumann draws our best ideas are never-ending. To ensure that they lead to a product—and hence success—we bundle them into a sound first draft for a development process meeting the demands of the individual segments.


Creation Baumann is an award wining company with over 10 awards for creativity and innovation. This is what leads Creation Baumann to the top. Azul and Company in Miami, FL interior design team uses the fabrics in various projects to breath new life into old pieces.


 We invite you to join us at Azul & Company furniture store at 8349 NW 36 ST, Doral, FL 33166 or email one of Azul & Company’s interior designers for more information on Creation Baumann fabric collection.

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