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Fabrics and textiles that will make any room majestic. Candice Olson, Elitis, Romo, Casamance, Kravet, Robert Allen, Camengo

“The words fabric and cloth are used in textile assembly trades (such as tailoring and dressmaking) as synonyms for textile. However, there are subtle differences in these terms in specialized usage. Textile refers to any material made of interlacing fibers. Fabric refers to any material made through weaving, knitting, spreading, crocheting, or bonding that may be used in production of further goods (garments, etc.). Cloth may be used synonymously with fabric but often refers to a finished piece of fabric used for a specific purpose (e.g., table cloth).”


Fabric has been around since 34,000 BCE, which means we have advanced since the dawn of woven flax fiber to luxurious fabrics that drape beautifully and cover the most exquisite furniture. Fabrics are a great place to start if you want something custom or to have some draperies made for your home or apartment. Azul & Company in Miami, FL has a great selection of fabrics for both upholstery and draperies for you to choose from. Their interior design staff has many years of experience working with fabrics and making them coexist within all homes.


Fabrics come in all shades and colors from organic materials such as cotton, wool, sisal, jute, and bamboo to man made materials like polyester, Nylon, Viscose and Rayon. All fabrics have strengths that you can use to your advantage. At Azul & Company furniture store in Miami, FL we can help you select the right fabric and material for any upholstery job or the right fabric to give you the right look you want. We carry fabrics from all over the globe and offer them to you at great prices.


A great thing about fabric is that you have so many choices and that means you can get exactly what you want and need for the application. We use a lot of linens and faux linens for draperies because it gives the area an open feel and look. We also use a lot of cottons blends with man-made materials to help fight stains in upholstery fabrics. These are things to keep in mind when selecting fabrics and why it’s important to have someone asking the right questions.


Come visit Azul & Company furniture store in Miami, FL & speak with our incredible interior designers to create a space your in love with. Azul & Company’s furniture store is located in 8349 NW 36 ST, Doral, FL 33166.

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