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Now in its third decade, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as the industry leader in hand crafted wallcoverings & wallpapers. A manufacturer and importer of unique and fine quality textured wallcoverings & wallpapers, the company was founded in 1976 by Chairman, Eric Bershad, with just 10 grasscloths. Today, Phillip Jeffries Ltd. stocks more than 1100 natural wallcoverings including Japanese Paper Weaves, Gold Leaf, Grasscloth, Hemps, Silks, Linens, Granite, and Raffia as well as many unique hand crafted specialties.


Eric’s passion for wallcovering excellence continues to live on in the next generation of Phillip Jeffries Ltd., through his sons Philip and Jeffrey Bershad. Philip is President and Jeffrey is Chief Executive Officer. Eric, Philip and Jeffrey work with skilled artisans and craftsman to create the interior design world’s most beautiful and sought-after wallcoverings & wallpapers. This is why Azul & Company furniture tore in Miami, FL has featured them in their showroom and believes that this family operated company is excellent just like our own family run business.


Phillip Jeffries is proud & ecstatic of their Leed Certified wallcoverings & wallpapers, which can qualify you’re for Leed credits in in of your interior design projects both commercial and residential. This is a commitment that Azul & Company recognizes and is in tune with it as we strive to be as green & environmentally conscience as possible. Both Azul & Company and Phillip Jeffries both have the environment in mind so it was a perfect match when we started carrying them in our furniture store in Miami, FL.


This level of quality pairs perfectly with the Phillip Jeffries desire to provide excellent customer service. Clients ranging from architects to interior designers all value the outstanding wallcovering experience they receive from Phillip Jeffries Ltd. Simply put, the Phillip Jeffries Ltd. vision is to provide one with an exceptional wallcovering & wallpaper experience – from design and purchase through installation.


Stop by Azul & Company’s furniture store for your wallcovering & wallpaper needs from Phillip Jeffries, or contact Azul & Company’s interior design staff via Phone 305-859-7534. Azul & Company furniture store at 8349 NW 36 St, Doral, FL 33166 can show you Phillip Jeffries Ltd collection for you to see and appreciate.

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