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With Seed Design’s simple and straightforward approach we execute Simplicity at its best. With our no-nonsense designs we create timeless pieces that embody Elegance. With our ever-lasting works their lifespans become Eternity. Finally, when we create and produce, we Delight. And the response from the interior design community was spectacular and overjoyed, both on price and design.


The introduction of Seed Design to Azul & Company’s furniture store in Miami, FL was a match made in heaven since the look and styling was spot on. Minimalism should be Seed Designs middle name because they are so clean and elegant. Interior designers have been looking for something with this look within certain budgets and now its here and its Seed Design.



We do not follow trend,

we follow people.

We do not create lighting,

we create happiness.

We do not light up houses,

we light up dreams.

We are SEED, with Simplicity x Elegance x Eternity x Delight.


Remaining true to Seed Design’s no-nonsense approach, our designers tirelessly devote themselves to transforming their everyday imaginations into reality. A smile in a heart, is what matters to their creative minds. When Seed Design have cleverly mastered this, their creations simultaneously comes to life. Our goal is to create simple, elegant, divine and eye-catching designs.


Come by Azul & Company furniture store at 8349 NW 36 St, Doral, FL 33166 to see Seed Design’s Lighting Collection or contact Azul & Company’s interior design staff via Phone 305-859-7534

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